• What to Wear To Yoga

    What to Wear To Yoga
    It is also important to find teachers with whom you feel comfortable and that have a teaching style that you connect with. So many people conclude that they do not like yoga when really what they did not like was the style of yoga or the teacher. There are so many styles, so if one does not work, try another. There are so many...
  • Is Yoga Wear Different to Activewear?

    Is Yoga Wear Different to Activewear?
    Yoga wear reflects the intentions and values of a yoga lifestyle. Clothes that inspire you to live the life you are creating on the mat. Clothes that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and uniquely you. Your intentional clothing and jewellery become a reminder of the path you are choosing each time you practice, allowing your life to blossom to its fullest and create the...
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