Tamba Wildflower

The founder Tash is passionate about educating girls. She learned that access to good education was a challenge for many families, so she started funding the costs. Then she wondered if she could be doing more, and found the best Not For Profits doing the best of work for all the right reasons. What she learned was that by supporting traditional artisans, she could not only help to keep their methods alive in their existing communities, but pay them a living wage in order for them to support their children's education themselves. 

And Tamba Wildflower was born. Tash expanded her hobby of jewellery design back home on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, and began sending them overseas for her artisans to bring to life. Not only can they then pay a living a wage and support village infrastructure, but they put 5% of sales aside to support the education of girls in India whose parents aren't able to join the artisan program.

Meaningful intentional jewellery for modern yogis and seekers of connection, because when we embrace kindness and intention within ourselves, our inner joy radiates to impact the world around us. Raise your vibration by wearing jewellery that reminds you of your intentions. 

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