• Satya 'SUKHA' YOGA BRA
  • Satya 'SUKHA' YOGA BRA
  • Satya 'SUKHA' YOGA BRA


Sukha  means happiness, pleasure or bliss in Sanskrit and Pali.  'Sukha' is an authentic and lasting state of happiness.

The 'Sukha' Yoga Bra features a soft band made purely from cotton/spandex rather than elastic.  With double layered fabric and a thick band, it is just as supportive but without the restriction of elastic.

In the beautiful Charcoal/Husk color combination, it pairs perfectly with Saraswati Stirrup Yoga Pants. 

All of the bras, tanks and pants are made from natural fabric.  Soft cotton feels good against the skin and allows it to breathe.  The small amount of spandex (10%) in the blend provides support and ensures the clothing retains it's shape wash after wash.

Satya's clothing is ethically produced in a small family run facility in the rice fields of Bali, Indonesia.


SMALL (US 2-4)

Bust 33-34; Waist 25-26; Hip 35-36
Inside Leg Seam: (capri) 50cm, (ankle) 80cm


Bust 35-36; Waist 27-28; Hip 37-38
Inside Leg Seam: (capri) 54cm, (ankle) 84cm

LARGE (US 8-10)

Bust 37-38; Waist 29-30; Hip 39-40
Inside Leg Seam: (capri) 58cm, (ankle) 88cm