So We Flow

So We Flow... started with a realisation. Men wanted clothing that was functional and straightforward, but not at the expense of beautiful design and versatility. Yogis, climbers, free-runners, slackliners, athletes and movers of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds appeared to be overlooked...

They saw the need for fit-for-purpose men’s movement clothing: to be the perfect fit for any man’s discipline and day-to-day life, yet flexible enough to embrace individual style.

But that’s only half the story. Movement has changed our lives, and our friends and families’ lives, for the better. Fact is we want more men to put their bodies and minds into motion and get the same rewards.

Hopefully So We Flow... will help make movement more accessible and effortless for all men - beginners and experts, introverts and extroverts, fanatics and casuals.