Our Story

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Stepping Into Yogi Spirit

"Rediscovering Yourself Through Your Wellness Practices"

Yogi Spirit is inspiration for the way people live and the way people show up. It is a vehicle for a lifestyle that may begin on the mat but expands into all aspects of our lives. In a yoga practice we follow our breath, listen to our body and tune in.  Being present, tuned in and open to the joy of the ordinary moment.  It is inspiration for the choices that make you feel alive. The yogi lifestyle is not just about the poses - the leggings and the mats are the props to open ourselves to a spiritual life, a life filled with the essence of living. Our mantra is RADICAL ALIVENESS.

The clothes we wear and purchase reflect our own styles and quirks, our values, the people we aspire to be and the life we want to be living. It is choosing to live a high vibration life through aligning our purchases with our values. Yogi Spirit honours this.


Light Is the New Black 

The mission is to create a space for the modern yogi, wellness seekers, peace promoters, light emitters and love givers and to offer them a warm and inviting place that reflects their values.  

The meaning in a name. Spirit is the latin name for 'breath'  - invoking a breath of air. The breath is at the heart of a yoga practice. Inspiritus related to spirit is the latin name for inspiration and it is to 'infuse a life by breathing'. Spirit is also your innermost quality of being. Breath, inspiration and spirit - a new way of being. It is why I chose to use the word ‘spirit’ in our name, it invokes all our values and my journey to founding Yogi Spirit.

We are the opposite of fast fashion. We are proud to work with brands created by yogis with values that align and resonate with our ethos. As a small business it is not easy but we always seek the most socially responsible brands. We also aim to buy and stock products that empower artisans in second and third world countries and feature brands who utilise the social enterprise model to create positive change in local communities. We aim to work with our communities by paying it forward with the causes that align with the core values of Yogi Spirit.