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Interview with Sarina from Pravayama

by Amanda Wiart 28 Dec 2016 0 Comments

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Sarina, the founder of Sarina is a qualified yoga teacher with a background in journalism. We love the fresh, modern look of her blog and the inspiration she provides! Sarina believes that the consciousness we cultivate on the mat begins to permeate through the rest of our lives. As we become more connected to ourselves we feel connected to everything around us. Yoga is a journey of becoming the best version of ourselves, it is a gift.  We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!


Why did you start Pravayama?

I created PRAVAYAMA to offer what I felt was missing - an online platform for the modern yogi where consciousness is brought to all aspects of modern life, from wellness to beauty to style. The Yogi Files is a big part of the site, which profiles inspiring modern yogis living consciously in a consumer world.

How has yoga influenced your life?

My physical yoga practice has become a metaphor for how I show up in my life. When I am at peace with wherever my practice is on any given day (even if I'm struggling in downward dog), I live more harmoniously off the mat. Cultivating awareness around my actions and reactions on the mat, allows me to do the same in my primary relationships. Ultimately, we all want to love ourselves more so that we can offer it up to those around us, and lovingly receive it.


What is a daily ritual you can't go without?

 I cannot go without raw cacao in my day. It's a heart-opening stimulant that makes me happier than coffee!


What is your favourite yoga pose?

 Wild Thing (Camatkarasana) makes me feel strong, energised and humble.


How do you unify yoga and your daily life?

 I created PRAVAYAMA to explore this very question. For me it's about approaching everything I do, say, eat, drink or buy with consciousness and without judgment. It's about enjoying life, expressing ourselves, being accountable for our choices and embracing our perfectly imperfect selves.


 Do you have any yoga must haves? E.g your yoga mat, a serene place, etc.

I have a weakness for Palo Santo. So any yoga class with its heavenly perfume in savasana makes me a very chilled and happy yoga bunny.


What does having a 'yogi spirit' mean to you?

 Having a yogi spirit means allowing myself to shine my brightest, being joyful and humble and grateful for the immensity of life's gifts. 


 And finally... do you believe in New Years resolutions?

At the beginning of 2016 I set my intention to be as truthful as possible in every moment. It was the greatest gift to myself. During tough times, I had to go inside to ask what my truth is. It wasn't always clear at first but over time it became clear and then I let it guide me. I'm not sure about resolutions, but I certainly believe in intentions. To build on 'truth', I haven't yet created an intention for 2017, but it will certainly be powerful and define much of my next year.



Make sure you check out Sarina's blog,
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