Apheleia - Spirit of Simplicity  Sometimes less is more. As Coco Chanel put it; "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance".  So often in life we encounter distractions or challenges that when met with simplicity are overcome. The simplest thing...
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Umbra- 1.5 mm Travel Yoga Mat
Umbra - Shade, Shelter, Foliage  Drawing inspiration from mother nature herself, this print features the opulent foliage of the Frangipani tree. As with everything fresh and green in nature we associate this with growth, fertility and abundance, all the qualities we...
Motis- 3mm Yoga Mat
Motus - Motion This evocative hand painted design uses calming blue hues and coastal turquoise tones to emulate those tranquil ocean vibes. Just like an ocean wave, you'll flow with the breath atop this mat from posture to posture in...
Spirabilis- 1.5mm Travel Yoga Mat
Spirabilis - Breathe, Life, Vital  Bringing good fortune from the east this collection of Koi fish swim through the water with purpose. They have the ability to swim upstream regardless of the conditions, achieving what seems to be almost impossible....
Illustratio- 1.5mm Travel Yoga Mat
Illustratio - Enlightenment  This simple majestic watercolour print evokes the great age of Chinese landscape painting where artists would capture the towering mountains and rolling hills of china with simple and beautiful ink wash paintings. As we meditate on seeking the state of...
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