Our Story

I have placed myself heart and soul into what I do because I truly believe that yoga can change lives.

A Yogi Spirit Story: The Store

The Yogi Spirit mission was born out of a deep desire to create a store for the modern yogi. For people who live life led by yoga, and to offer a warm and inviting place that reflected their values. My aim is to;

  • Offer sustainable and ethical yoga clothing that does not compromise on style in the pursuit of substance.
  • Provide an elegant fashion-forward curation of yoga products
  • Showcase multiple brands and innovative global designers Support designers who engage in these best practices ; transparency across the manufacturing process, accountability and cultivation of positive connection, minimising environmental impact through eco manufacturing, employing ethical manufacturing processes and giving back to local communities.
  • Inspire! I want the products to inspire you to live your best, most authentic life on and off the yoga mat.

What’s in a name?

Wrap your fingers around a Latin dictionary and the word ‘spiritus’ will reveal it’s secrets……..‘breath of air, breeze; breath, breathing; soul, mind; life.’ Just a little bit profound don’t you think?

It’s why I chose to use the word ‘spirit’ in our name, it invokes all that I aim to inspire in our customers. Living the full embodiment of yoga practice across breath, body, mind and soul and emboldening you to light a fire in your life is our mission at Yogi Spirit.

The Yogi Spirit Store: The Founder- Amanda

I have always felt a profound connection to the natural environment, and especially to the ocean thanks in large part to growing up in Vanuatu. However, it wasn’t until I reached a crisis point in my life that this connection evolved into action. I translated my passion into an ethical business that I could sink my heart and soul into and Yogi Spirit was born.

My store reflects my passion for yoga and my commitment to the environment. I truly believe that sustainability and style can co-exist and Yogi Spirit epitomises that belief.

Yoga is not about the perfect body, perfect pose or the best backbend. Yoga is more than the asanas, it is a lifestyle shift, it will change the way you think about yourself and those around you. Yoga is the breath and the mind connected. I wanted to provide products that inspired this lifestyle shift and that inspired self-compassion and that were reminders of your intentions. The intention to fall in love with yourself, to appreciate your uniqueness. There is a path out there designed just for you.

I want to spread the love of yoga one pair of leggings at a time. The yoga community is one of the most loving embraces one could ever hope to be drawn into and I believe it is the power of this connectedness that will facilitate real and lasting change.

A Giving back

I continually pay it forward to projects and causes which align with the core values of Yogi Spirit. From plastic pollution crusaders Boomerang Bags and Living Ocean to Hurricane relief in Vanuatu and Fiji or donations to charity events held by organisations such as Black Dog and Manly Women's Shelter, I get behind causes that matter. Additionally, I aim to buy and stock products that empower artisans in second and third world countries and feature brands who utilise the social enterprise model to create positive change in local communities.