• LoveEarth Yoga Mat

LoveEarth Yoga Mat

The beautiful 4mm dye free LovEarth Yoga Mat created from Jute and natural tree rubber. The Jute meshing gives the mat an Earthy tactile feel. 



Size: 173cm x 61cm x 4mm



  • No PVC, PER or TPE

  • made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute

  • fully biodegradable

  • non-slip

  • comes with a Jute carry bag.


You can wash your LovEarth Yoga Mat in your washing machine regularly. Just wash it with your regular washing powder, but to be extra kind to the earth you can wash it with Eucalyptus Wool Wash or if easier, you can wipe it down with 50% water/50% Apple Cider Vinegar or 50% 


Your LovEarth Yoga Mat is made from natural products so if it ever gets old you can cut it up and add it to your compost.