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A moment with the NiyamaSOL's founders

by Amanda Wiart 21 Mar 2017 0 Comments

Yogi Spirit interviews the movers and shakers behind the businesses we love! May we be inspired on our own path by the women around us. 

Cristina Osorio and Allison Hart are the women behind NiyamaSOL. They are yogis, teachers, lovers and friends who possess an obsession for fashion, fitness, durability and sustainability. 

What are you known for?  

Cristina: Known for being outside! Snowboarding, climbing, canyoneering, back country backpacking, kayaking, ...I'm pretty much known for being more at home in the wild than in a city. 

Allison: My eclectic style and quirky personality. I've always dressed for my mood, which can go from hippie bohemian chic to ultra corporate professional. Having a sense of humor with my clothing and accessories, no matter what I'm wearing, has always been "my thing". 

And how did NiyamaSOL come about? 

Cristina: Niyama Sol is the love child that grew between two yoga and fitness passionate ladies who needed more out of their leggings. The idea hatched and with years of hard work, we were able to create leggings that were as bad ass as we are. 

Allison: Cristina's response was perfect 

And your inspirations for the collections?

Cristina: Each collection speaks about the love of life in every regard. From music to distant beaches, each collection comes from the heart and expresses how we feel about this beautiful work we live in. Desert Sol is a collection of amazingly beautiful deserts found on our planet, Rock & Sol is a collection of heart thumping music festivals around the world, while Basics allows us to wear our favorite leggings at work. Even though we all want to spend every day outside and doing yoga, we end up having to go into the office. 

Allison: Cristina's response was perfect - no need for redundancy. We basically wanted to created something we could wear every day. And we did. #leggingsalldayerryday

How has yoga influenced your life? 

Cristina: Yoga saved me from depression. After leaving my home in beachy California to live in the Deserts of Nevada, I couldnt find happiness the new day to day work routine. Yoga found me, and lifted me out of the darkness and into the sun. Thanks to my daily practice, I grew in strength, health, peace, and found love and friendship. 

Allison: As a former ballerina, yoga was initially all about adding another aspect to my workout routines at the gym, as well as rehabilitation for recurring spine issues.  I fell in love the first day on the mat and also ended up finding the love of my life on the mat next to me. So, yoga basically equates to love for me. 

Favourite ritual, or daily ritual that you can't live without? 

Cristina: Getting up early to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Most people are coffee drinkers, but for me a quiet morning with a cup of tea is the best kind of morning. 

Allison: Spending time with my son, my 3 cats, 2 dogs and my boyfriend. My days are ever-changing like my outfits and my rituals change with the wind. 

Your latest wellness obsession?

Cristina: My latest wellness obsession is taking added sugar out of my diet.  I've turned into that person who stands in the grocery store staring at labels with this appalled expression on my face as to how much sugar is in EVERYTHING. 

Allison: Green tea has been a staple in my diet and I've always stayed away from alcohol, soda and overly-processed food. I love to sweat! Living in Las Vegas in the summer makes that an easy task, and taking as many hot fitness classes as possible. And then drinking plenty of water afterward. If massages can be also be considered a wellness obsession, then that one is my favorite! 

What does happiness look like to you? 

Cristina: Happiness is topping out after a couple thousand feet of crack climbing and sitting on the edge of the rock face looking down into a valley below while the wind whips through your hair. You can see the edges of the earth, you can feel the warmth of the sun, and you feel accomplished and alive. 

Allison:  When my 11year old son gets a goal during a soccer game. That face and smile is pure joy! I'm required to do a cartwheel on the field to celebrate (and embarrass) him. 

What does having a yogi spirit mean to you? 

Cristina: Yogi spirit is a loving and accepting spirit. It's knowing that you are in a good place and that people around you have love. Each day is a blessing. 

Allison: Living a life filled with tolerance and love for all of our brothers and sisters is what having a yogi spirit means to me. Honoring each other. Smiling at strangers. Being kind, compassionate, understanding and giving. 

How do you live your yoga every day?

Cristina: I live my yoga each day by welcoming each challenge knowing that my breath will get me through it. 

Allison:  I find myself taking deep measured breaths throughout my day, whether I'm sitting in front of my computer, in rush hour traffic or attempting 6th grade math problems with my son. Learning to breathe through challenging asanas has taught me to breathe through (almost) everything life tosses my way.


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