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Sustainable and ethical Yoga Wear

by Amanda Wiart 03 Apr 2017 1 comment

Why Sustainable and Ethical Yoga Wear Matters.

 There is no doubt that the yoga industry has taken the world by storm, which is wonderful. More blissed out yogis wandering the streets can only be a good thing! Wellness is in vogue. The 2017 predictions for the wellness scene include investing in organic makeup, sipping “super health tonics” and travelling to exotic locations on wellness retreats. There is a bid to cleanse our bodies inside and out. We are paying more attention to what we are putting inside our bodies and on our skin. With this, is a heightened awareness of our buying impact on the environment.

So, it seems a little ironic that the very clothes we wear to sweat in may be causing more harm than we realize.

It turns out that activewear can be a source of harsh toxins and chemicals. Public health advocates, including Greenpeace and regulatory bodies that oversee chemical safety, are concerned by evidence that shows a possible link between the chemicals in sportswear and health issues caused by such toxins.

Both the production and end-of-life processes for activewear can have an impact on the environment. The production of polyester, rayon and nylon are energy hungry and use toxic chemicals.  As they breakdown, the chemicals they’re made from make their way into the land. Cotton is a pesticide intensive crop and requires a lot of water.

There is also the human factor behind many activewear brands that are made in sweatshops, a manufacturing facility where workers endure poor working conditions and other violations of labour rights. These workers are mostly young women who often endure low wages and long hours in dangerous and hostile conditions. These clothes are often cheap and contribute to the fast fashion that has become the norm.


That was the bad news, the good news is that this is changing rapidly. There is a host of brilliant Australian and international brands that have made it their mission to make yogawear without toxins and minimise the environmental impact during production.  

From yoga leggings crafted from recycled water bottles, to elegant graphics printed with non-toxic dyes. There are beautiful yoga tops made from recycled cotton or organic cotton. The designers either manufacture themselves or work closely with manufacturers to ensure ethical production in the whole supply chain. Eco conscious yoga wear matters. 

As the owner of Yogi Spirit I have learned an incredible amount about the issues behind the fashion industry. And I want to share these stories with you so that we can make the subtle change into becoming more conscious shoppers together. The brands I curate have all addressed these problems specifically. And I am always searching for brands that merge ethical and sustainable production with style and beauty. 











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1 comment

14 Jul 2017 Sasha Hawley

Love this article! ❤️ we’d love to let your audience know about our sustainable business practices & winter deal ?

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