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How To Create Positive Change

by Amanda Wiart 27 Feb 2019 0 Comments

Whether it's going for a new job, meeting new people, traveling, trying a new type of exercise such as yoga or living a healthier and more natural lifestyle, each of these things involve change.

Things that can hold us back from creating change in our lives include not knowing how, worrying about what others will think, financial difficulties, people pleasing, fear of unworthiness/not knowing enough/responsibility, fear of the unknown, always putting others first, negative beliefs. The good news is that it can be easy, even fun, to make a change. Here are four steps to create positive change that will help you achieve your dreams, improve your health and bring you more happiness.


Identify what you want to change

If you could change anything about your life right now, and money or time weren't an issue, what would it be? How would your life be once you've made the change? Visualise your dreams, goals and desires.


Set the intention

The best intention is short and sweet, specific and inspiring. Get clear on your intention, set it as an affirmation and write it down.


Clear limiting beliefs

Release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making positive change. Beliefs that don't serve us can be held consciously and subconsciously. I have found, that one of best ways to transform negative beliefs is with Theta Healing. Theta Healing is a powerful natural healing therapy that uses the Theta Healing meditation technique to make positive changes through your subconscious, it is simple and creates powerful healing and transformation. 


Take positive action

Taking action is one of the most important steps to creating change. If you don't change something, nothing will change. Remember, action creates energy. Even a small step forward is a step forward. This might also mean buying products that inspire and motivate you, such as yoga wear or yoga props



Extra tips

- Write it down. This increases your chances of making and sustaining positive change.
- Surround yourself with like-minded people.
- Find a mentor. Learn valuable knowledge and skills from someone who has been successful in what you would like to do. Having a good mentor greatly enhances your possibility of success.
- Make yourself accountable. Tell someone about the change you're going to make.
- Go easy on yourself. Show yourself kindness and compassion. Allow yourself to rest and be mindful that in every slip or mistake there is a blessing or a lesson.
- Don't give up. Remind yourself of your why and visualize the bigger picture.
- Have fun! Change can be exciting and means that there are bigger and better things waiting to come into your life.


By Chelsey Amber
Chelsey is a Sydney based writer, yoga and meditation teacher and Theta Healer with a passion for the healing nature of holistic self-care. For more, connect with Chelsey at or on Instagram @theheartspaceconnect.



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