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Let The Magic Of India Awaken Your Heart

by Amanda Wiart 17 Oct 2018 0 Comments


Let the magic of India awaken your heart


Magic happens when you step through fear and truly follow your heart’s whispers. In early 2000, I felt a deep calling within my soul to visit India and experience the full glory of her sensual delights for myself. Following a trek to Nepal with a small group of family and friends, I ventured south to Delhi – solo.

Once there, I experienced something that I could never have anticipated. Here I was alone amidst the chaos of the bustling city; feeling the absence of family and friends to my core.  I had dreamed of experiencing the magic and wonder of India, yet I was frozen in terror and unable to leave the hotel room. For three days this continued until something in me stirred – I had to choose: return home to Australia or venture forth. In an instant I realised “This is ridiculous!” There was no question as to what I had to do - explore India. As I took those first steps out of my hotel room - and a few very deep breaths, little did I know the most magical and amazing adventure was about to unfold (as it often does when we overcome our fears). It was huge!  

During my travels throughout India, I met wonderful people (whom I now consider angels along the way) and learnt how to truly trust my instinct. Had you told me back then, that six years later I would be employed to teach Yoga on a pilgrimage from Kolkata to Sikkim and that I would move my young family to live in Nagpur for three years in 2009, I would’ve laughed myself silly. But that is exactly what happened! 




By 2015, I was back in Australia with two young children, teaching yoga and meditation. I was thrilled to be able to return to my second homeland - Nagpur and the Pench jungle, with a small group and lead an eight day Yoga and Meditation retreat. It was so amazing to share this experience and have my dear friends in India, who are like my family, host us. This first retreat was truly sacred. Sharing the magical experience that only India offers, I felt truly blessed. Blessed to see the life changing transformation, that I had felt, experienced by the attendees. To see the heart opening awareness that happens when yogis move out of fear and into the magic of their authentic self. 

Since then, I have led annual retreats, returning each year to the raw beauty of the Pench jungle setting, treated with the luxurious comforts of Tuli Resort and its surroundings. This is the perfect environment for deep rest, replenishment and restoration; a rare opportunity to pause and spend precious time reconnecting. A way to bring more joy and playfulness and experience an adventure of a lifetime within a culture that enlightens all the senses.  


By Romina Di Federico.
Romina is an internationally accredited Yoga and Meditation teacher and
is the Director at Inhale Life. You can connect with her @inhale_life
and find out more about her India Retreat .
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