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Raise Your Vibration- The Practices

by Amanda Wiart 03 Nov 2018 1 comment

Raise Your Vibration


Everything is energy, and it all vibrates at different frequencies. Including you.

When you are vibrating at higher level you will attract more of the good things into your life, people, energy, opportunities, you’ll breathe easier and think clearer.

Like attracts like right…. So high vibrations are going to attract things that also vibrate highly and unfortunately same goes for low vibrations. Signs you are operating at a lower vibration include: Feeling energetically, physically and/or emotionally drained, fear, anxiousness, tiredness, anger, illness, negative thoughts and/or blocked chakras. Maybe you feel like you just cannot get a break!

Some people may not even realise that their vibrations are low. These feelings and repeated patterns then become their norm. 

Our energetic vibrations are continuously impacted as we are constantly changing; every interaction, thought, reaction impacts our state of being. 

Luckily it doesn’t have to take much to start to raise your vibration, here are eight of my favourite ways:


  • Thoughts and Self Talk - have you heard the saying that self-talk is your conversation with the universe. Every thought you have has an impact on you in some way… they can be super powerful, so use them to your own advantage. Try to catch out your next negative thought, and replace it with words of encouragement and kindness.


  • What you eat - What do you put in your body? Where has it come from? Did you know that Prana (life force / vital energy) in present in our food. The higher the Prana the better for our body’s vitality – ie fruit and veg. The further the food is away from its source (ie processed/imported) the less prana it contains. Where possible try to consume organic and/or locally grown foods – these are unaltered by chemicals and haven’t been shipped/stored for long periods.


  • Meditation - stilling the mind is a powerful tool to raise your vibration. Imagine looking into a lake, if the surface is rippled you cannot see what is below holding it together. If the lake is clear you are able to look inwards. Apply this concept to the mind.


  • Relationships – Who lifts you up? Surround yourself with these people. This includes saying no to things that dull your shine.


  • Listening to music/news – Don’t dull your senses! Be careful what you listen to and watch... often our sub-conscious takes on these things and it can be very damaging. 


  • Move your body – Moving your body through exercise or following a yoga lifestyle is an amazing way to lift your vibrations… Hello endorphins! 


  • Earthing / nature / sunlight - connecting with Mother Nature herself!


  • Energy healing – Working on your spiritual body is just as important as your physical body. Reiki is one powerful healing technique to help shift stagnant energy and blocked chakras.

Working on your spiritual body with energy healing can help raise your vibration. Reiki encourages and activates the body’s natural healing system physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually  You can care for and heal yourself by eating healthier and moving your body, but you also need to nurture your spiritual self.

Often our physical issues stem from an emotional or mental, often sub-conscious block. Sometimes we just cannot pinpoint why we are feeling off and not ourselves… this is often blocked energy chakras, which can build up over time from stress, trauma, injury, toxins, relationships, anxiety and day to day life. Reiki, through a hands on and off technique, can help clear these unwanted feelings, emotions and stagnant energies to allow us to heal and bring more calm and peace into your life. 


Or Simply… Do the things that make your heart sing!



Karlee Imogen is a yoga teacher and reiki healer, currently sharing her way of life as she travels Australia holding yoga and reiki sessions in between and co-creator of Holistically Living, an online holistic lifestyle program empowering women to connect and feel supported on their wellness journey – mind, body, spirit.


You can find out more about Karlee, her travels and services:

@karleeimogen and @holisticallyliving

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1 comment

10 Feb 2022 Lauren

This helped me to understand more about raising vibrations so I thought I would share it

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