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My Journey With Intimacy

by Amanda Wiart 10 Jan 2019 0 Comments

My Journey with Intimacy

Right now, I am a sex and relationships coach. I never thought I would be here 5 yeas ago. I couldn’t even start a relationship, let alone coach people how to overcome their own relationship issues. I was a bricklayer and a miner. I drank piss, took drugs and slept with any woman that would let me.

What changed me? Well the short answer is yoga. The first yoga class I ever did was in my lounge room on YouTube. After going to India and studying to become a teacher, I realised that there was more opportunity to continue to grow, learn and expand. But it all started with yoga. Yoga allowed me to do something that I had assumed was feminine and still feel ok in my body. I still felt like a man, I still felt strong, I still felt masculine. If anything, I felt like it actually amplified my masculinity.


There were many times when I spent the whole yoga class in one position crying. Expressing emotions that I had suppressed my whole life, allowing myself to feel more deeply than I had ever thought possible. How I felt after these classes was incredible. Like waves of relief were coming over me. Learning to cry, and I mean really really cry, allowed me to feel more deeply.

As I felt more deeply inside myself, I also became more attuned to the emotions and feelings of others. This gave space for my compassion and conscience to grow, which then made me view the world differently. I no longer had a barrier up with a big F*%$ you pointed at everyone. I could allow myself to become a bit more real with everybody and this has changed all the relationships in my life.

My relationships with my family changed, my relationships with my friends changed and my relationships with women changed. There was less hostility in my life. I reacted less when I was in a situation that would normally trigger old wounds. Suddenly, my friends started to open up to me more and begin to talk about topics that we had never spoken about before. We started to create the depth that I had been craving for in my friendship circles. The women that I started to attract in my life were of a much higher resonance with the type of women that I wanted  to have relationships with, as opposed to the one-night stands and tinder hook-ups I had been having in my life.

Intimacy started to become a huge part of my life.

Not just trying to get the intimacy that I was craving for myself, to fill the hole that had been created from my upbringing in society; but my desire to share intimacy in different ways, with different people. Just going to the shops and talking to the cashier, smiling, laughing and putting a smile on other people’s faces. Looking people in the eyes and giving them my full attention, being present and focused.

So, I came to realise that this was what I wanted to do, that helping people discover their own intimacy journey was my passion. I undertook more studying and went deeper into my own journey and now I help others do it for themselves. I run workshops, events and online programs for men and women all over the world.

And who would have thought when I pressed play on that first video for yoga on YouTube, that this is where I would be!!


Peace, Love and all that other hippie shit

AKA The Hairy Healer


I am Tyran Mowbray a bricklayer, miner, football player, factory worker turned SEX & Relatiosnhips coach. I help people, but especially men, move through their fear, guilt and shame around their sexuality. I do this because I have suffered pre-mature ejaculation, porn addiction and erectile dysfunction and never felt like I could talk to anyone and I felt like I was weird. I've been through the shame spirals and self sabotage in relationships that have closed me to love because I didn't feel worthy. 

I'm passionate about helping men smash through these perceived notions that we can't talk about certain subjects and that we should know everything just because we are men. I run online training programs, one on one coaching and retreats all around the world helping people empower themselves through their sexuality.

Connect with me at Hairy Healer and @the_hairy_healer



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