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New Year - Starting A Yoga Practice

by Amanda Wiart 18 Jan 2019 0 Comments

New Year - Starting A Yoga Practice


Is one of your New Years’ intentions to start yoga but don’t know how to begin? Think about your intention or why yoga appealed to you in the first place. Was it to relax, stretch, increase your fitness or to help alleviate a nagging back problem? Doing a bit of research and trying a few different styles to see what resonates could be a great way to begin.

Luckily, due to the popularity of yoga, the variety of styles are abundant. Vinyasa flow, hot yoga, yin and aerial (my personal favourite) are just a few of the many classes on offer. Give yourself the freedom to explore the different styles of yoga and you will find one that suits you.



If you need some extra motivation, start with a friend. Alternatively, lots of studios and online programs offer a 30-day challenge that can give you that ‘kick-start’ in the right direction. A beginner’s course and workshops are the avenues I used to develop my own yoga practice.

A studio in close proximity to your home or work can help ensure it becomes part of your health and well-being routine. Donation based classes are sometimes available where you pay what you can. It’s one way to trial newer teachers and ideas. This gives you the opportunity to check out the vibe of the studio and its community before you make a decision to become a member.

If time and finances are an issue, or going to a studio is intimidating, there are plenty of online classes such Yoga Glo, instructors online and DVDs that can guide you through a home practice option. If you are member of a gym, yoga is often part of their class schedule and can be accessed at no extra cost.

Pick a time that suits you and stay with it. If you are a morning person, that’s the time to try and add it to your schedule, or perhaps the evening works better. Plan what you are going to wear. I suggest clothes that you feel comfortable in. It might be a good time to invest in some new leggings or top, it may be the motivation you need or the inspiration you need to create a new habit.

Yoga is for everyone at every level, and can fit into every lifestyle. Advanced and difficult poses used on social media can appear very flashy and impossible. Don’t let that put you off. Start at the beginning and give yourself time to build up your strength and balance. It takes time to develop a habit so be patient and kind to yourself if you miss a few classes. Just start again. There is always a new beginning. The hardest part is to show up and get started. Every time you show up for yourself it is a victory. Practice gratitude for taking the time  for yourself. Whatever approach you choose, you will be pleased yoga was added into your life.

Good luck & namaste!



Lisa Taylor is a Melbourne-based yoga teacher specialising in aerial yoga. Her aim is to inspire new people to start a yoga practice regardless of age, level of flexibility or fitness. She promotes an active lifestyle, healthy habits and happiness. Connect with Lisa on Instagram

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