Vast Expanse With A Yoga Practice

V A S T • E X P A N S E

it’s easy to hide, as a teacher.

easy to teach something that i do not practice myself 
easy to hide from my power while 
encouraging others to rise 
easy to feel ashamed of my own depth while admiring wisdom in others
easy to pretend that i don’t cry while encouraging feeling in strangers 
easy to be righteous without virtue
easy to create a story rather than receive what is being offered 
easy to shame rather than forgive 
easy to judge rather than lead
easy to allow fear rather than fight love 
easy to talk rather than practice
easy to compare rather than thrive
...however the past few days of study have reminded me that ‘ease’ is short lived and that the potential calling me in this lifetime, creates disease if not realised.

we are born to thrive.
we are born to serve.
we are born to be relentlessly resilient.

so i must...
allow the natural flow of things to occur 
sway in the of potential 
listen to the questions that i’ve been calling in
express my deepest longing 
lead with full acceptance 
heal the dissonance closest to home
and reach into my infinite range...
so that i may be an overflowing resource.

it is with a student mind and a teachable heart that i re-commit into this ever evolving dance with my own vast expanse.


thank you for guiding me into my studentship, for being a friend and reminding me over and over, the lifelong abundance of this practice. 
deep bow @elenabrower 



By Alanna Hankey who is a lover, mother, yoga teacher and poet.


Pic of Alanna Jane's hands by @teepeelearning

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