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Sarina Zoe

by Amanda Wiart 14 Jun 2017
sarina zoe yoga teacher


Teaching since:
The first day of 2017! Yoga-ing since 2007.

Life Philosophy
I aspire to 'Force nothing, Block nothing'. It's about not holding back and not trying to be something other than our divine, unique self.



Sarina Zoe is the essence of of the modern yogi, embodying the values of a yoga lifestyle that we love at Yogi Spirit 

We are delighted to welcome Sarina as an ambassador to the Yogi Spirit Tribe. 

About me
I am a journalist-modern yogi and I LOVE what I do. I am founder/editor of - The Modern Yoga Lifestyle. Think Wellness, Beauty, Style & inspiration overload with The Yogi Files: interviews with modern yogis about their journey and how they live their purpose. PRAVAYAMA supports ethical brands, promotes conscious choices and celebrates the diverse facets of being human.

Some interesting facts about me
I eat raw cacao every day! I'm a model-turned-makeup artist and still work as a makeup artist. I meet so many likeminded creatives, so many modern yogis and delightful people in the industry. I began my Communications degree 10 years after leaving high school. 

Favourite yogi spirit brand 
I'm torn between Niyama Sol and Moonchild, beautiful designs and so comfortable!


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