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Basia Nowacki

by Amanda Wiart 19 May 2017
Basia Nowacki sydney yoga teacher

I was born in Poland, but came to Australia when I was 5, and since than have pretty much grown up in the northern side of Sydney.

Teaching since:

Life Philosophy
I believe there is so much more to life than we normally see, or experience and be.
Our conditioning and patterning puts like a veil over it, but through yoga and meditation we encounter the depth, the subtleness of who we are and with that the peace that is always present. And we begin to see things as they really are. The simplicity of it is ever so peaceful and full.



Basia Nowacki, a warm and calming spirit expresses the core values of Yogi Spirit in her every day life .

We are delighted to welcome Basia as an ambassador to the Yogi Spirit Tribe. 


Basia Nowacki yoga teacher sydney

Some interesting facts about me:

I have a love and passion for tea, and have combined tea and meditation together. In the past I used to have a tea business and conduct tea ceremonies for retreats and special occasions.
I love to paint and create art, have a background in graphic design.
Lived in Mexico for a year.
Lived on a boat for a year.

You can connect with Basia here:
website :

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