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Romina Di Federico

by Amanda Wiart 28 Sep 2016

Yoga Studio Location
Inhale Life CBD
Level 1, 99 Elizabeth St
Sydney CBD

Teaching since:

Life Philosophy
Life's a ride, feel the breeze, take in the view and always remember you choose! 


Romina Di Federico, a warm and nurturing yoga teacher, is the essence of kindness and wholeheartedness. She embodies the core values of Yogi Spirit.

We are delighted to welcome Romina as an ambassador to the Yogi Spirit Tribe. 


yoga clothes sydney

How has yoga influenced your life?

Living a more conscious life and becoming a more mindful mother are two major influencers from practicing yoga.  The connection I experience with my body and spirit is the reason why I am committed to this practice for life. It is transformative and I am passionate to see this unfold for those I have the pleasure to teach.

What is a daily ritual that you can't go without?

My meditation practice.  Without this daily anchoring I feel off centre and my day feels like it is missing its foundation.  In my meditation practice I have a morning and evening prayer which is my daily ritual. This keeps me happily in my flow.

What is your favourite yoga pose?

My favourite all time yoga pose is Viparita Karani (legs up the wall). Whilst I love having fun with inversions, VK is the one I love the most, it is nourishing, rejuvenating and a beautiful restorative pose.


You can connect with Romina here:
website :

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