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Honour Yourself

by Amanda Wiart 28 Sep 2017 0 Comments

Honour Yourself

Honouring who you are as an individual, is the first step that you can take towards creating a life of fulfilment, a life that honours who you are in return. We all know how important it is to love ourselves, to show ourselves kindness and to ensure that we are meeting our own needs in the way of self-care. It all seems simple enough, but is it? And how do we know when we are honouring ourselves? If the idea seems overwhelming, rest assured you are not alone. Start by building on some of the key foundations of self-honour:

Live to your truths and principles

If something doesn’t feel right in your life, it’s probably because it isn’t. Align yourself to your truths and stick to what you believe in. Often, we can find ourselves creating a life that doesn’t resemble who we are. Look at your career, at the relationships in your life and at your environment. Does your life resemble you? Are you really living out your dreams and desires or is there something else at play that is driving your decisions? Societal pressures and emotional blocks such as fear and self-doubt can play a huge role in clouding our judgement. Honour yourself by listening to your intuition and using your feelings as a gauge. Move towards the people, places and things that feel good to you.


Focus on what you love

There is so much power in love. Focus your attention on the things that you love about yourself: your strengths and gifts. See them as your superpower. Extend your focus to the activities that you love doing. Write down everything from the smallest of everyday activities to the bigger items or those things on your wish list. It seems so simple but when the responsibility of life gets in the way, we can get off track. Ask yourself what is it you really love doing? Is that where your energy is going? Honour yourself by giving your energy to what you love. The more that you start focusing on the things that you love, the more love you will receive and the clearer you will get on your passions and purpose.

Be kind to yourself

We can be so hard on ourselves. The important thing to remember is that you are human and humans make mistakes. It’s all a part of the process of life and from those mistakes we learn and grow. If we got it right all the time, then we wouldn’t be challenged and a life without challenge would eventually become boring. Honour yourself by cutting yourself some slack. You are always doing the best that you can do in any moment. See if you can approach yourself from a compassionate viewpoint instead of a critical one and steer clear of comparisons; you’re your own person and you are allowed to be imperfect, in fact that’s what makes you beautifully you.

Ultimately, the foundations that you lay for yourself set the standard for everything else in your life. Honour the uniqueness of you, and build a life based on who you truly are.

By Rochelle Smith the Founder of @thehonourproject

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