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Ukiyo-Co Yoga - The Floating World

by Amanda Wiart 16 Oct 2017 0 Comments

Ukiyo: " The Floating World" -living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life. 

To float in the blissful moment called NOW. Peace arrives and simplicity exists. 




What inspired you to start creating yoga clothes?

Whilst I was in the space of creating the new lounge wear brand Ukiyo-Co, I felt that I wanted the brand to become a real lifestyle choice. This of course meant using natural fibres and pieces that could be worn at home but also out and about and still feel comfortable and stylish. The idea just grew from this into my yoga practice, wanting to wear clothing that I enjoyed wearing in class and then still feel good in after class. So it became an athleisure (yoleisure) idea. Wearing your inside out.  I met our ambassador CJ whilst attending her beautiful yoga class in Avoca Beach. We have been developing the yoga brand together since. 

Which fabrics do you use? 

I use a mix of natural linen and cottons for the t shirtings, and an accredited organic bamboo from Indonesia. The stretch I source is recycled Vita life lycra. This is made from recycled bottles, carpet and discarded fishing line.  It is all melted down and then elastine is added to give it the two way stretch required for active wear. It is an amazing product and I'm so glad to see it being used in other ethical brands. 

And why is it important to use these fabrics?

I think that we have to have a very clear and strong ethical footprint, especially in an industry such as fashion. Unfortunately, the situation is quite dire when we see the quantity of plastics discarded in the oceans and land fill. Living in Bali for a period of time has made my voice very strong in this area, I feel a real responsibility to do what I can to help the industry find its conscience. Using fabric that is made from recycling these plastic items is a great way to start. 

With bamboo farming, it is vital to have  a very strong conscience as to how the product is sourced. The accreditation of the source must be valid and being a huge animal lover it's imperative no forests are raped for the growth of the bamboo industry.  The softness of the bamboo makes it a beautiful cloth to wear and to work with. It's durable and tough, as bamboo is known for its strength. The composition of it has been created to give a soft , luxurious wear, so for yoga clothing, I looked no further! 

Do you feel that your yoga clothes are different to activewear?

For Ukiyo-Co, yes I do. I feel that the brand is very clear about creating a soft, zen like experience. The bamboo onesie and tights are soft , stretchy and durable. You feel safe and secure in them without inhibiting your flow.  Some of the pieces are fitted, and we have  a piece called the power tights, but again, it's made from super soft bamboo so you don't feel as if you are about to pump iron. It's about an energy. It's about a feeling  of softness, a feeling of zen, and I feel the clothes represent this. 

How has Yoga influenced you?

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. Learning to drop my shoulders, learning to breathe, learning to lead from my core, so many things, have changed the way I hold myself. I lead with a peaceful strength, not an overpowering dominating energy. I believe this has come from not only my spirit, but my ability to connect mind and body, which yoga has empowered me with. 

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