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Reconnect With Your Inner Wild

by Amanda Wiart 05 Dec 2017 0 Comments

Reconnect With Your Inner Wild 

At the core, human beings are animals. We are animals with an innate need to be in connection with the cycles of the earth, the rhythm of the land, the rise and setting of the sun, and the change in the seasons. It is tapping into and connecting with this internal, instinctual need that brings you back to your true nature, back to what it means to be human. There is so much wisdom and knowledge within, it is just up to you to connect with that space within yourself. Read on for some easy tips to help you on your path to rediscovering and reconnecting with your inner wild.


Connecting with your inner wild means connecting with the natural world. The first step you can take to rediscover that part of yourself is to have a go at gardening. You could start with a small house plant that needs little care (think Devil’s Ivy or a Peace Lily), or you could plant an entire vegetable garden if that takes your fancy. Use gardening as a spiritual practice, paying attention to the needs of the plants, and taking cues from the environment around you and them, to really figure out what it is they need to thrive. If you pay attention and are present in your gardening/plant-tending practice, your plants really will tell you what it is they need, and you may find in that communication, lessons you need for your own spiritual growth.


Another easy way to get in touch with your inner wild is to connect with the rhythms of the earth and the moon. Keeping track of the moon is a great way to begin reconnecting with these natural cycles and to tune in to the wisdom that is in everything. Keep a moon diary for a month, track the phases of the moon and journal about your feelings, insights and thoughts throughout the month. Notice the correlations between the moon phase and your internal world over the month. If you menstruate, keep a track of your cycle in your moon diary. This practice will get you into the groove of following the natural cycles of the world around you rather than just thinking of time as linear, with a beginning and end.


Grounding is a great way to connect with the earth around you. Grounding, or earthing as it is sometimes called, helps you to feel safe, balanced and connected to what is around you. The easiest way to practice grounding is to go barefoot! Simply walking barefoot on the earth has numerous health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, lowering stress levels, helping with pain, improves sleep, and many other common health disorders. As well as this, the physical reconnection with the natural world around you really helps you to connect with the internal, primal you, your inner wild. Practicing grounding meditations are also a great way of connecting with the earth’s energies, and there are some great examples like this one over on Youtube. 

It doesn’t take much to start connecting with the primal, natural, wild side of yourself, and if you incorporate these practices into your life, you will be reacquainted with your inner wild in no time. Within you is a knowing, a wisdom that transcends the limitations of the physical, superficial world we live in. It is connecting with this internal guide, your inner wild, that will truly set you free <3

Rachel Gill is a yoga teacher & student, mother, writer and freelancer based on the NSW mid-north coast, Australia. You can connect with her via her holistic lifestyle blog 'Inspire The Wild', or on Facebook or Instagram @inspirethewild.


Chevalier G, et al. 2012: Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons, Journal of Environmental and Public Health

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