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The Most Ultimate Commitment Of Self Love

by Amanda Wiart 24 Nov 2017 0 Comments

The Most Ultimate Commitment Of Self Love

After listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, I found out that we use the conscious mind about five percent of the day, at best.  Meaning most of our time, we are running on autopilot.

This leaves so much room for acting out the same subconscious patterns, over and over again, without even knowing it. And we wonder why ‘he said this’ or ‘why does it always happen to me?’ We are living 95% of the time out of our bodies.

We want to bring more consciousness into our lives. We want more presence in our day. We want mindful living.

Let’s look at what is in your subconscious and how you build it, so that you can understand just why you drive the car the way you do. This is a good example because let’s face it, you’re very much on autopilot when driving a car. How often are you reflecting on all the things from your day, what you still need to get done? Or you might be talking on the phone. And all the while you’re changing gears and turning the wheel. As soon as we are doing multiple things at once – we are on autopilot and living through the subconscious.

Your subconscious was built on the foundations you were taught as a child and what you absorbed growing up. If you look at what you learnt as a child, you begin to understand what habit or pattern you built to protect yourself from being lonely, outcast etc. Maybe you even learnt how to be a pleaser, a peace maker, etc. This sets the foundation for your subconscious behaviour and what you’re like on autopilot.

So while you’re driving your car subconsciously, you might be protecting yourself from x, y, z and act out in road rage if someone cuts in front of you - ‘how rude!’ If you were fully present in this situation, firstly, it may not have happened, or you may have not been bothered by it at all. But you only had a 5% chance of the later happening.

So the question is, how can you change this? How can you be more mindful in every task? How can you be more than 5% conscious?

Meditation really is the key. It is a discipline that helps you become more consistent with your moods and your responses. It enables you become more aware of the Karma you create, with every thought you think and action you take. The more you meditate, the more disciplined you become in being more than 5% conscious in your everyday activities.

But just how do you start to meditate, and become more consistent in this practice?

First you have to make a commitment. A commitment to want to do it every day. At least 5 minutes a day, or more if you can. Just think how many years have you been living subconsciously? So there’s a bit of work to do. You have to want to improve. You have to want to explore. You have to want to listen.

At first, meditation can be challenging, because you are confronted by a multitude of floating subconscious thoughts that you were never before aware of. And yes, that’s what it’s like to live subconsciously. So many thoughts on the loose. Just like a dog or a child, thoughts too need boundaries.

You can start with a meditation app (I personally use Calm) and set a reminder to practice at the same time every day. I personally find my practice is best in the morning, before I do anything. Then set yourself a time you will meditate for. Make it realistic but no less than 5 minutes and then build on this time eventually. You can also find a meditation group in your area that may help you become consistent because you’ve now become accountable to others. You could also get a buddy involved so you can both support one another's progress and setbacks and have a laugh along the way.  

Don’t expect mind blowing results straight away. It will be subtle. You will look back eventually and see the changes that you have made and you will appreciate how far you’ve come. There will most likely be ebbs and flows in your practice, times where you don’t make your morning practice but you will get back on the horse and create an even stronger commitment. As Max Ehrmann says “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.” This is a long-term commitment. The most ultimate commitment of Self Love.

Happy conscious living Yogi’s


Erin lives in Byron Bay where she finds herself engorged in daily beauty and magic. She runs yoga retreats and workshops combining her love of colour therapy and reiki. You can connect with her on instagram and Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga and read more at

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