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The Yogi Spirit Gift Guide

by Amanda Wiart 05 Dec 2017 0 Comments

The Yogi Spirit Gift Guide

As Christmas draws near we begin the search for gifts that loved ones will truly enjoy. We have created the Yogi Spirit Gift Guide to help you buy a gift for the yogi in your life. The gift of yoga can inspire your loved ones to enjoy a regular yoga practice from which they will reap the benefits for years to come. Here are some reasons why yoga is the best gift this holiday season. There are the physical benefits such as increased flexibility and  muscle strength, improved posture and joint health. There are the physiological benefits such as lowered blood pressure, adrenal glands regulation and boosts immune system functionality. A yoga practice can encourage self care, allowing deep relaxation and better sleep, and who does not need that in our rush rush lifestyle. 

Home Practice

Some yogis love to practice yoga in the comfort of their own home and a cork block will complement their home practice beautifully. The Vagabond Goods  yoga mats are extra thick and luxurious so are great for yogis who are looking for extra padding.  

Hot Yoga

Yogis who love to sweat and choose hot yoga classes will enjoy the Vagabond Goods towels which are sure to turn heads in the studio with their exceptional prints that could easily pass as a piece of artwork!  They will also benefit from using extra grippy mats such as the Jute yoga mats and the biodegradable coconut mats.


The yogini that begins or ends her yoga with a meditation practice, will love the chakra bracelet  that help to keep the chakras balanced which is the key to physical health and emotional stability. 


For the men in your life who are yoga junkies these lined shorts will allow freedom of movement and comfort in demanding yoga classes. The Good Vibrations bracelet will help a yogi to see his path clearly

Ayurveda Practice

The yoginis who knows her doshas will love the organic plant based natural oil perfumes that help to regulate the different dosha types. The wanderlusting yogi will enjoy receiving the turmeric traveler's tonic.  

And we also have Yogi Spirit gift cards which allows you to give the gift of choice. 





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