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She Fell In Love With Yoga Then She Fell In Love With Herself

by Amanda Wiart 14 Dec 2017 0 Comments

Self-love is something that never came easy to me, it is something I have had to work on over the years and continues to get stronger. Maybe there were factors growing up, maybe I listened too much to the opinions of others and tried to fit into a place in society that I knew deep down wasn’t me. For whatever reason, self-love is a regard that came into place the day I stepped onto my Yoga mat and I didn’t even know.

I stumbled upon Yoga after suffering a severe Eating Disorder for over 15 years. At the this point of my life, it was the last option I tried to get better and really had no expectations after experimenting with years of conventional methods, I later learnt with having no expectations, this could not of been a better starting point when it came to Yoga.

When I started out, I was weak and depleted, shy, anxious, very low self esteem and had a hard time being myself as all I had known for years was the Eating Disorder - there was not much love or respect going on for myself at all. I soon started to fall in love myself after practicing Yoga, it helped me find my strength and to build on this. It helped to clear my mind to have free flowing thoughts instead of stagnant old beliefs that held me back. It helped me to learn how to be with myself and love the person I had always been but had been shut down when I was younger. I learnt to say no, set boundaries and stand up for myself and this for me personally had been a big part of self-love. These lessons still come up to test me but know to turn to my mat to strengthen.  

 Backbends opened my heart and I admit this was painful at first letting the chest expand but cracking into the heart only opened a door to self liberation and this is where growth and expansion began. I am a firm believer the body reflects the mind and this is how Yoga works and brings much growth. In Yoga there is something we are always working on asana wise, or as I like to see it, continuously I am practicing on this poses to work on myself in self-love and all aspects to be the best version I can.

Dancer Yoga Pose

My daily practice has become a non-negotiable as I have learnt the value of putting my own wellbeing and happiness first before I can be help to others, for this is what life is about for me, helping each other evolve. Yoga allows you to check in with yourself, how your body is feeling, energy levels for the day and also mood. You truly get to be with you and in turn fall in love with every part of yourself, the breath, the clarity, how the body works pure magic and life beyond the physical.

Nothing can take away the love affair of anyone and stepping onto their Yoga mat is where this journey can begin. Yoga taught me there are solutions, there is hope and to find the love you know you deserve.   


Lexi came to Yoga in 2013 to redirect her struggle with an Eating Disorder. She developed a daily practice and Yoga continues to change enhance her life. Lexi is in her final year of her Bachelor of Health Science (Dietetics and Nutrition), A Blogger, Mama to a toddler and works with her Lived Experience in the field of Eating Disorders. Loves creating treats in the kitchen and spontaneous laughter.


Find her @lexi.crouch . WEBSITE: 



 Dancer Pose is by Lexi Crouch - Easy Pose in the fields is by @malinjohannap



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