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To set an intention or not: One word is all it takes

by Amanda Wiart 15 Jan 2018 0 Comments

To set an intention or not: One word is all it takes

It’s the topic of conversation at this time of year and can trigger feelings of anxiety if you feel unsure of what you want and where you want to go. Maybe you’re like me and sit on the fence for fear that you might want to change your focus at anytime! Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t have enough time to even think about what you want to focus on for the year ahead. Or maybe you don’t need to set an intention because you already have everything you need.

Whatever boat you sit in, it’s essential that you are sending out the right rockets of desires* so that you attract what helps you to feel Love/Complete.

To find your one word/intention, start with this simple exercise that will enable you to release the initial overwhelm of all the things you want to achieve.

STEP ONE: Begin by thinking about what makes you happy right now. Maybe it’s a coffee in the morning; cuddles with your partner/dog/cat. Maybe it’s listening to or playing music, yoga, dance, creating, or even something as simple as walking in nature, that grants you this joy.

By acknowledging what fills you up, not only are you recognising all that is available to you, but also the things that already exist for which you are grateful.

Are you feeling a little more relaxed? Even more abundant?

STEP TWO: Now ask yourself: “What could I do more of, or even add to my life, to make this feeling more alive?” Nature/beach walks once a week? Dance every day? Sip my coffee even slower and more mindfully? Shark diving?

What do these things do to your insides/ your soul/ your mind/ your body when you honour them? What kind of feeling does this create? Peace; connection; stillness, spaciousness, aliveness?

STEP THREE: Now choose just one of these feelings that you can carry with you all year. One word that you can use to remind yourself of what you want to feel/align with. Every time you see something you want to do; like a course, retreat, or relationship, you can think of this one word – if it aligns with what you want then go for it! And if not, then let it go. The letting go is important so you continue to create space for the things you do want.

Not only will this one word or your intention enable you to make better decisions, it will also launch powerful rockets of desire into the Universe that will conspire to give you what you ask for. Stay true to your intention and you will create a world of unbelievable and accessible Love/Happiness/Completeness in 2018.

The power of intention can be magical.


Erin lives in Byron Bay where she finds herself engorged in daily beauty and magic. She brings you over 7 years of Meditation and colour therapy experience and guides people on their journey through private Yoga sessions and soul therapy experiences. Her yoga retreats and workshops combine her love of colour, reiki and boundary pushing. You can connect with her on instagram and Facebook @ErinDochertyYoga and read more at







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